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Whether it’s your first time in a dispensary or you just like to know what to expect from your visit, this page is for you.
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Weedery Lobby scaled

Palisade's world-famous ski-lift to Mt. Garfield.

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Online Orders

A separate line for online-orders to help make sure we serve you as efficiently as possible.

Walk-In Orders

Get to play in the maze. No cheese at the end however...

Check-in here!

The first step once you arrive is to check in with our door guy or gal, hand them your ID and they'll take care of the rest.


Cash Only

Marijuana is still an illegal drug under federal law.

Diehard Bronco fan?

Some of

Us too.

Weedery Budbar nojars scaled

Just Dripping

T-Shirts, Tank Tops & Hats. Made of pure sex appeal.

Edibles galore!

Featuring brands like Wana, Sweet Mary Jane, Canyon Cultivation & Ripple Dissolvables.

Service with a Smile

Six budtenders running from 9 AM to 8 PM, 7 days a week.

Palisade Apothecary

Locally produced topicals, concentrate, distillate oil & vape cartridges.

Cannabis goes here

We keep our lovely buds right here on these shelves, where we weigh it out right in front of you.

The Basics

Your privacy is taken seriously

Cell phones, cameras, any recording devices of any kind are not allowed in the building.


Your data’s privacy is taken seriously

We do not sell any of your information, to anybody.

Walk-in or Online

Order how you prefer. If you’re new to cannabis or unsure about a product, we highly recommend coming to see one of our budtenders.

Valid 21+ ID Required

We require valid photo ID showing that you are at least 21 years old.


Cash Only

The only form of payment we accept is cold, hard cash.


We need that ID again…

We know it feels silly, but we need that ID once at the door and once at the bud bar.


The Good Stuff

We Know Weed

Please don’t touch!

Your budtender will show you all kinds of neat products, but please don’t touch until you are home!


We ❤️ Dogs

Bring your (well-behaved & leashed) furry friend in with you!

There are no stupid questions

Marijuana is shrouded in enough mystery – we’re here to help get rid of the haze.

With over 40 years of smoking, growing and selling marijuana on our sales floor at any time, we know our weed.

The Inside Tips


There’s no gold medal for eating 100mg in a single sitting (yet), find the dosage that works for you and your body.


Follow your nose when it comes to picking out marijuana flower or concentrates – it can’t read numbers and it doesn’t need to.


THC binds to fat to be able to pass through your liver, make the most of your edibles on a full stomach with plenty of fats to bind to.

Still Have Questions?

Head over to our Learn page for more information about Colorado’s recreational marijuana laws and links to additional educational resources.

Looking for Medical Marijuana?

1. An operator’s, chauffeur’s, or similar type driver’s license, including a temporary license issued by any state within the United States, District of Columbia, or any U.S. territory;

2. An identification card, including a temporary identification card, issued by any state within the United States, District of Columbia, or any U.S. territory, for the purpose of proof of age using requirements similar to those in sections 42-2-302 and 42-2-303, C.R.S.;

3. A United States military identification card or any other identification card issued by the United States government including but not limited to a permanent resident card, alien registration card, or consular card;

4. A passport or passport identification card; or

5. An Enrollment card issued by the governing authority of a federally recognized Indian tribe, if the enrollment card incorporates proof of age requirements similar to sections 42- 2-302 and 42-2-303, C.R.S.

For more information please visit:
Colorado MED Regulations page 131

It means take it easy!

For beginners we recommend consuming between half to two and a half milligrams of THC and waiting 45 minutes to an hour to see how it effects you.

Remember that the intoxicating effects from edibles can be delayed by up to four hours and last for up to twelve hours!


To enter this site you must be at least 21 years old.


To enter this site you must be at least 21 years old.

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